We all experience or encounter some form of mental health and our mental wellbeing can fluctuate day-to-day. When you’re not feeling great, it can feel harder to take action to benefit your wellbeing.

However there are small steps we can take in our everyday lives to look after our mental wellbeing. There are many benefits of taking action to support your wellbeing, such as: greater self-confidence and control, improved quality of life, healthier behaviours, better understanding of your own health

Mental Health Workshops

The aim of our Mental Health Awareness workshops is for the Muslim community to gain a wider understanding of the issues surrounding mental health, both your own and others, and so to work more effectively with mental health problems. Through these workshops you will be able to

  • Identify the discrimination surrounding mental health problems.
  • define mental health and different mental health problems
  • relate to people’s experiences
  • demonstrate how to support people with mental health problems
  • look after your own mental health

Women’s Support Group

Creating a safe space for Muslim women to come and share their worries and struggles is greatly needed in our community; often due to cultural barriers or taboos surrounding Muslim women; often suffer in silence or find no external support outside of family. At the R2R Wellbeing Centre we give women a voice and liberate them to understanding their rights; we have numerous counsellors and professionals who are present throughout the workshop to offer advice or simply listen.   The women’s support group is made up of guidance and care for

  • Mental Health
  • Depression
  • Domestic and emotional abuse
  • Divorce and single parenthood
  • Postnatal depression
  • Parents raising children with disabilities & autism
  • Cultural challenges
  • Loss & Bereavement 

Counselling Surgery

A confidential service that offers individual & couples counselling, support groups for men & women; as well as Psychotherapy for more long term issues, in a safe environment.
Counselling & Psychotherapy can be face to face, telephone and or Skype sessions.
You can talk about anything that is important to you, whether its work related or personal, stress, anxiety, faith related, depression or you might just want to talk through and unpack some issues to make sense of what’s going on in your life.  

Weekly Surgery

Email: mind@revert2reality.co.uk

Creative Therapy

Creative therapy refers to a group of techniques that are expressive and creative in nature. The aim of creative therapies is to help people find a form of expression beyond words, such as cognitive or psychotherapy.

Where ‘talking therapies’ may sometimes feel too challenging, working through art and the imagination can offer a new dimension. There is no pressure to find the exact words to convey a feeling and it is not necessary to talk in detail about difficult or painful experiences – an image can ‘speak’ for you.

Creative therapy can be through – clay, poetry, crochet, calligraphy and art.

It is not necessary to be artistic in any technical sense – we all have a creative side, but have often not been encouraged to use this in our everyday lives. The R2R Wellbeing Centre has been a great space for creative therapy:- we currently provide

  1. Crochet
  2. Calligraphy
  3. Art
  4. Poetry

The premise is that the creative process allows for artistic self-expression which helps individuals solve conflicts, manage behaviour, improve self-esteem, develop self-awareness and insight, manage stress, and develop interpersonal skills. The art therapy process integrates theories of human development, the use of visual arts, and the process of creating. 



*Please note classes do not run during half term



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