The Reverts Minaret is an innovative program developed by Revet2Reality; a UK registered charity that has been supporting New Muslims for almost three decades.

The Reverts Minaret is a program to empower Masajid and Islamic institutions in ‘how to Mentor New Muslims’ and build a strong support and aftercare for reverts within the Masjid.  Our goal is to train and educate your Masjid; what beyond the Shahada after care looks like. As well as provide guidance on future programs for reverts within your Masjid.

Why does your Masjid need a Reverts Mentoring Program?

§  People come to you to embrace Islam

§  You have Non-Muslims who come to the masjid for guidance and open days

§  You are the pillars of our community

§  You have the power to congregate people

§  To make reverts feel a part of the community and a part of the Masjid

What does the Reverts Minaret offer your Masjid?

Our primary goal is:

We will train a minimum of two people – one male and one female from your Masjid to become your in-house Mentors for anyone who takes Shahada at your masjid.

The trained mentors will receive on-going support and advice from Revert2Reality regarding any complex cases, we will offer moral support and guidance to ensure their wellbeing is also being taken care of and supported.

Your Masjid will receive 10 free Shahada packs to get you started on the program – which have been prudently put together with essential books designed for reverts.

We will assist you in setting up weekly circles and regular programs for reverts

You will have access to a huge variety of free resources and books for dawa, which you will not have to source but we will make available; all under one roof.

To sign up to the program email