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Testimony of Faith

Ash–ha-du-Allah-illaha-ilallahu  wa-ash-hadhu-anna-muhammadun-abdu hu-wa-rasoolu

I bear witness there is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is His Slave and final Messenger

Welcome to Islam

As the electrifying moment of uttering those life changing words are still sinking in; thoughts and emotions will be challenged as your new lifestyle unfolds. Replacing old habits with new and merging into the Muslim community can seem quite daunting. 

You are not alone…

For almost two decades Revert2Reality has taken the hand of many New Muslims; ensuring they receive full support in their learning under the guidance of our dedicated mentors.

Our aim is to empower New Muslims with the love and zeal to remain steadfast in Islam and uphold its practices in their daily lives. We assist in guiding New Muslims to integrate in the wider Muslim community; making new friends and creating social circles for themselves.  

Revert2Reality has been fortunate to witness over 100 individuals embrace Islam and we continue to assist them in their ‘journey’ through our enriching mentoring program.

Shahada Pack

Upon taking Shahada the new Muslim is given a gift pack containing a beginner’s collection of useful books and material. Our Shahada Pack has been extremely popular and productive. We are forever refining and improving our packs to ensure only the best reaches our newcomers!

Shahada Pack consists of:-


After one’s conversion, implementing this new way of life can be challenging. Many new Muslims can feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of change; however, we are dedicated to assist our New Muslim brothers and sisters to take confident and manageable steps in their new way of life.

Our mentoring service is focused strongly on supporting and educating the New Muslim with a personalised and one-to-one approach. Essentially, an R2R mentor is a guide who is there to lay the crucial foundations and assist in overcoming potential hurdles and challenges which some may face. The R2R Mentoring Ansar Program (MAP) supports New Muslims to enhance their love of Islam, establish prayers, refine their inner and outer character and become the ideal Muslim.

Practical Support

Social Support

Revert Focus Groups

Workshops created to empower reverts the freedom to voice their concerns and struggles through dialogue and discussion with like individuals. Followed by how to best to overcome hurdles specifically pertaining to a revert

A R2R mentor is a guide who is there to help our New Muslim lay the crucial foundations & overcome initial hurdles and challenges which most reverts face. Mentoring provides reverts with an opportunity to ask questions, revise over their prayer/duas and unfold Islam; layer by layer; taking in its beauty and wisdom.

Revert2Reality’s Mentoring Ansar Program (MAP) is tailored to support New Muslims; enhance their love of Islam, establish the prayers, refine their inner and outer character and become the ideal Muslim.” Aliya Iqbal

What support will the Mentoring Ansar Program provide for me?

Our mentors help individuals to believe in themselves & boost their confidence; while continuously providing guidance and encouragement to flourish in the premature stages of Islam.

Areas we cover in our MAP

  • purification
  • acts of worship 
  • advice
  • soundboard

Need a Mentor!

  • We would love to hear from you and lend you our support.

    Call us on 0208 610 9393 or email us on info@revert2reality.co.uk 

    Remember Mentors can: 

    • Act as an impartial sounding board. They create valuable space and time for you to ‘stand back’ and review where you are now, where you want to get to, and how best to get there.
    • Contribute viewpoints, advice, and information from their own knowledge, experience and expertise.
    • Assist you to achieve changes and goals to enhance your relationship with your Creator and live Islam holistically.

Want to be a Mentor?

Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. It is an effective way of helping people to progress in their Islamic knowledge and is becoming increasingly popular as its potential is realised. Read our Testimonials

 There is no greater way to earn so much reward. For every prayer, dua, good deed, goodly word you teach; you will reap the reward.  Email us at info@revert2reality.co.uk

What is a convert?

Convert is the English word most often used for one who embraces a religion after being raised in another faith. A common definition of the word “convert” is to “change from one religion or belief to another.”

“He found you lost and guided you” – Qur’an 93:7

Muslims believe that all people are born with a primordial predisposition towards faith in God. According to Islam, children are born with an innate sense of God, which is called the fitrah. Therefore, some people see conversion to Islam as a “return” back to this original, pure faith. For this reason, many Muslims prefer to say that they have “reverted” rather than converted to Islam. A common definition of the word “revert” is to “return to a former condition or belief.”

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